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Make a lasting impression at the right time, right place.

Real-time reporting to track campaign effectiveness

Patented unique technology

Easy to get started

  • Ease of campaign execution

    Ease of campaign execution

  • Fast turnaround times

    Fast turnaround times

  • Accountable data and metrics

    Accountable data and metrics

  • Geo-fencing technology

    Geo-fencing technology

  • Disruptive display technology

    Disruptive display technology

  • High precisi on in market targeting

    High precisi on in market targeting

Case studies

"I love that Adway can help us target specific locations around cities with specific messaging that can change by geography"

Cory Treffiletti

EVP Marketing, Cisco/Webex

"Adway's innovative platform supports beautiful imagery and advertising, and can be targeted around town to drive awareness to our locations"

Alan Nathan

Owner and Managing Partner, Sweetfin

"Adway's ability to use video in a public, mobile environment and target specific locations with tailored messaging helps us grow awareness for our movie titles"

John Caulkins


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Adway’s proprietary hardware

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Take your date to dinner without showing how you pay for it
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without stickers, wraps, or hassle

Driver testimonials

Pablo P.

"Adway is an excellent company when it comes to advertising technology, which is easy to install. I chose Adway over other options to earn extra money for those reasons."

Maria C.

"I am writing to make sure everybody knows what Adway is. Adway is the best experience you could ever get. It goes from extra money to well designed advertisement devices that make your car look great while getting an extra pay. Best thing is that you can remove them when you’re not using them. It’s just a slide on and off thing to remove and put them on. It is an advertisement device that looks better than any other one. With great definition and clear image that is why I fell in love with Adway"


"Adway es una gran manera de generar un ingreso extra para los conductores particulares y públicos. La instalación fue fácil y me encanta la manera en que la gente reacciona al ver cómo funciona el proyector. Creeme cuando te digo que no te arrepentiras al unirte a Adway."

English Translation:

"Adway is great for rideshare drivers who want another source of income. Installation was very easy and I love how people are amazed when they see how the projector works.You will not regret joining Adway.


"Adway is easy to use, I don’t need any tools or attachments. I can drive and make extra money and that additional income has been very helpful for me as a disabled person. Adway was the best option out of the other companies I looked at."

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How Does It Work?

Adway’s small and smart projectors are affixed to the side mirrors of rideshare and delivery cars, enabling Adway to dynamically serve static and video ads to the targeted areas in real time

Technology stack

  • Hardware


    1. Enables unique display solution

    2. Is appealing to the drivers

    3. Communicates with the server in real time

  • Advertiser portal

    Advertiser portal

    1. Provides real-time campaign reporting

    2. Enables intuitive campaign creation and management

    3. Tracks devices' physical location

  • Driver mobile app

    Driver mobile app

    1. Enables drivers to monitor their performance

    2. Facilitates payouts

    3. Offers en-route support

Adway in the media

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Our mission

The unique marriage of our projection technology with geo-fencing technology enables us to dynamically connect brands and drivers with specified targeted locations and consumers.

ADWAY pays drivers for displaying ads on the sides of their personal or company vehicles. We respect and cherish all drivers who take our platform to the road. Our drivers are independent operators who are not wedded to wraps or magnets, and do not have to ruin the appearance of their vehicles.

We love being a part of the future and changing the norm! Seeing people's reactions to the powerful images that are projected on the cars of our affiliated drivers excites and makes us proud.